How do you check the size of a ring?

In order to find out what your size is, I have compiled for you the three ways that I recommend the most.
First of all it is important to emphasize that each finger has a different size and that our fingers are not necessarily the same size between the right and left hand.
Therefore, it is important that you measure according to the finger for which you want the ring.

Of course, the most accurate way to know your size is to go to the store! 🙂
Our team will be happy to assist and advise in the process.
In the store there are the tools designed for precise measurement and different rings that can simulate how the ring will feel on the finger (there is a difference in measuring a thick ring to a thin ring*).
To use the Ring sizer app:
If you have a ring that fits the finger for which you want to purchase a new ring, you can measure it simply and quickly through the Ring Sizer app (link after the explanation)

In the application you have a blue circle at the top that simulates the ring and you can change its size with the slider below it.

Step 1: Take a ring that you have at home in the desired size (note that the ring fits the finger for which you want the new ring).
Step 2: Place the ring on the blue circle and match the inner diameter of the blue circle to the inner diameter of the placed ring.

Make sure you still see the little black arrows, and it's even recommended that the blue circle sticks out a little from the inside.
As in the picture 🙂

Link to the Ring sizer app:
Android link - download link
IOS link – – download link

Another option is to measure the diameter of an existing ring to the desired size with a ruler.

Step 1: Place the ring on a bar according to the picture. Note that the measuring lines cross the ring exactly in the middle, and that the measurement is only of the inner diameter.
Step 2: After you have measured the inner diameter by counting the small stripes, for example you counted 17.5 mm (small stripes) you can refer to our size chart that appears under each ring or here at the bottom of the page and see that 17.5 mm is size 55 ( EU).

Some important points in measuring a ring:
It is important to measure calmly, when there is time, and to note that you are accurate in the measurement and measured according to the explanation I wrote above.
If you got 17.2 it is important not to round to 17.5 or 17 because every millimeter affects the measurement!

In our size chart you can see the exact size according to the diameter you measured.
There is a thread/paper measuring method available online.
After a thorough examination and many attempts, I found it to be inaccurate, so I do not recommend it.
Wire/paper cannot simulate a ring, so measuring with them does not result in an accurate result. Therefore, in the absence of a suitable ring for the finger for which you want to purchase a new ring, I would recommend measuring a ring from a company that fits your size or visiting the jewelry store closest to your home.